Viral vector production

Viral Vector GMP Production


Biovian has extensive experience and knowledge in Viral Vector Production for gene therapy applications. Biovian holds EMA license for producing Viral vector products for clinical trials as well as for commercial use. Among Biovian´s track record are GMP batch manufacture of several adenoviral vector products for clinical trials in both EU and US.


Biovian´s dedicated Viral Vector production facility allows flexible production scenarios. Biovian can provide adherent cell based and suspension cell based processes. Viral vector purification can be performed by classic ultracentrifugation based processes or state-of-the-art and scalable chromatographic processes.


  • Suspension cell based cultivation in Wave-bioreactor
  • Adherent cell based cultivation in packed bed Bioreactor
  • Ultracentrifugation based processes
  • Chromatography based processes



Aseptic filling of DP

Formulated DS bulk is filled into vials using Biovian´s automated aseptic filling line.


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